Both David and Julia are registered physiotherapists.

In her physiotherapy role, Julia engages an educative approach and is especially interested in supporting people to actively engage in their own recovery process. She has particular skills in working with people with neurological difficulties and with chronic pain.

David’s early background in Community Health provided a valuable appreciation of a multi faceted team approach to individual wellbeing. This overall health care helped foster a foundation in a holistic approach to his physiotherapy treatment.
 Since then, through his work in private practice over the past 30 years, David’s involvement in the Feldenkrais Method has further enriched his approach to physiotherapy.  It has enhanced his ability to constantly shift attention from the pathology presented at the local level to the big picture of bio-mechanics with mind body emphasis.
In his practice, David sees a range of musculo-skeletal (orthopaedic) and neurological conditions.  These include spinal  (neck and back),headaches, shoulder, knee and ankle conditions.

David is trained and certified in the Canadian Bioflex Laser System that has now arrived in Australia. This system is mentioned in Norman Diodge's   book The Brains Way of Healing Chapter 4 : Rewiring a Brain with Light.   The Light therapy combined with Laser has proven to be very effective in tissue repair and regeneration in acute and chronic conditions. The system has also helped many people with chronic pain management.

Paramount in David’s physiotherapy approach, is educating to empower the individual to take a positive role in their journey towards rehabilitation and well being.