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Term 4 classes & Teachers as Learners

Created by Julia |

Feldenkrais Teachers are also Practitioners and Learners!

The topic for Term 4 Awareness Through Movement series is "A Long Free Neck". Our intention is facilitate clearer recognition of excessive tension & postural patterns that contribute to discomfort & lack of ease. This series will also help you experience how freedom of the head & neck influences movement freedom in your whole body. We will create an environment where you will learn to develop greater relaxation of your neck and shoulders & ability to move with ease and balance.

The Feldenkrais Method embraces a vast body of work, including actual lessons, underlying theoretical & movement concepts, neurological and psychological aspects of learning, & much more.

As Feldenkrais teachers, we spend lots of time exploring and learning about movement in our own bodies - our personal Feldenkrais practice. To more fully understand the depth of the work requires really engaging in a process of life-long learning. 

For myself and most other practitioners I know, once curiosity is awakened to how we inhabit this body of ours and we recognise it is possible to live in & engage with this body more fully and skillfully, ongoing learning, discovering more about ourselves and especially deepening our awareness becomes an inevitable part of our life’s journey.

David and I have collaborated in designing this series. We have worked together to create workshops and develop lesson concepts often over the years. We both really enjoy the process of mutual engagement around a topic and considering different ways to help people discover specific aspects of themselves in movement and experience.

As with learning in all spheres of life, collaborating and supporting each other facilitates new possibilities and directions we may not discover in isolation. And while it is fun to toss around ideas, brainstorm and create, it also engages parts of our brain in the process that we may not engage working alone. Two minds are often better than one!  

One fact I find continually inspiring is that our potential for learning is available for the whole of our life. We simply need to be present in the truest sense possible, add a generous dash of curiosity and explore many variations & possibilities while maintaining an attitude of openness to both our inner & outer worlds.