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Balanced & Flexible: Background / Research

This is an exciting new program being offered this year in Abbotsford and Ivanhoe.

Why not put some time and energy into…

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Term 4 classes & Teachers as Learners

Created by Julia |

Feldenkrais Teachers are also Practitioners and Learners!

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"The Timeless Body" - a half day workshop

Come and enjoy a half day of discovering a new pleasure in moving.

As part of a National project, we are holding an introductory workshop for people…

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Term 3 Feldenkrais classes

Classes are happening in Surrey Hills & Abbotsford for term 3


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New Melbourne Feldenkrais classes - February 2014

We have some exciting new series of Feldenkrais classes being offered in Surrey Hills, Ivanhoe and Abbotsford.


In this first Surrey Hills series…

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Ways of Understanding the Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a unique approach to learning and to improving the way we function as individuals. There are many ways of talking about this…

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Effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method

A study was carried out in Victoria in 2010 to evaluate how Feldenkrais Functional integration lessons make a difference for people. 

This study…

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Awareness Through Movement and Learning

Learning is one of the central principles that underpin the Feldenkrais Method. In his writings and books Moshe explores what it means to learn as a…

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