Individual Lessons

Functional Integration


In Functional Integration, individual one-to-one sessions, movement is communicated through slow, gentle touch. The practitioner guides you through a series of precise non-invasive movements, helping you sense how you may unconsciously hold tension and restrict freedom of movement.

Gentle movements with attention to the feeling and the quality actually stimulate change in your neuro muscular system and your brain discovers new ways of moving your body. Habitual patterns “soften” and more fluid and comfortable movements emerge. Lessons are carried out either in lying or sitting on a low padded table.

These lessons are helpful for people who want to feel more in touch and at ease in their body, improve their performance in their favorite sport or minimize effects of demands they place on their body, like long hours working on a computer. 
This approach to creating positive change is really valuable for people with back pain or other chronic pain difficulties and those with neuro-motor limitations such as multiple sclerosis, stroke or cerebral palsy.

Lessons are enlivening, feel good and enhance your ability to be present and aware. They tap into your body-mind’s innate potential to make positive and profound changes in how you are, how you feel, how you act and move. They generally evoke a feeling of deep relaxation and ease both at rest and when you are moving.

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Functional integration lessons:
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Practitioner: David Isaac
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Practitioner: Julia Broome
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